Louise Opprud Jakobsen


Partner & creative

Since Louise worked for the Foreign Ministry of Denmark in Palo Alto she has been busy bridging Silicon Valley and Denmark. Her second home is San Francisco, and she has invited several international Executive delegations into her network in the Bay Area, to ensure bandwidth from some of the leading thinkers and doers in the absolute front-end of technology, business and innovation. By training Louise is an Engineer in Technology-based business development, today she has more than 10 years of experience helping companies redesign the way they work, innovate and stay relevant. She spent 8 years as the Creative Lead of Innovation Lab, one of Scandinavia´s first innovation think tanks. Today she is Partner in FUTUREWORKS Cph, an innovation agency based in Copenhagen and San Francisco, with a team that includes thought leaders in technology, business innovation and new world strategy. She works with a global horisontal outlook and uses experiences from frontrunning companies and pioneers, to look at the digital reality with companies in creative ways. Louise has helped the birth of the Innovation Unit of MBR Space Center in the UAE to accomplish their 2030 Mars Mission – as well as the concept for Denmarks first Science School that is going up in 2021. She has given several hundred keynotes internationally for customers such as LEGO, McKinsey & Co. Google, Angostura Ltd., Weekendavisen, Hyperisland, Novo Nordisk, MBR Space Center, the Government of Dubai, Roskilde Festival and many more. When she is not working in tech she is found at Oremandsgaard Estate at Radius Distillery, that she co-founded in 2016 with a small team of mad Pharmacists and Farmers to reinvent distillation with organic small-range produce.


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