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Ruth Astrid L. Sæter is a former journalist with many years of experience from Norwegian newspapers and the monthly magazine HENNE. Since 2009 she has worked within the field of communication, primarily focusing on climate, energy and the environment – eager to explore the different solutions and opportunities that lie within the energy transition, climate mitigation and adaptation. Among her former employers are the environmental foundation Bellona and the Norwegian Research Council. Today Ruth Astrid is a freelance moderator and writer, and amongst other she has hosted the Research Council’s Energy Research Conference for the last seven years, the Energy Transition Conference at NTNU, parts of the Enova conference in Trondheim, and AI+ 2021 in Halden – just to mention a few of her assignments these last couple of years. Now she is excited to join Digital Energy in Stavanger this autumn, as the moderator of the conference.


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